We make meaningful, real-world focused
learning platforms


Worky Tools

A platform for SMEs with tools to identify and implement improvements in a simple and collaborative way


Genius Plan EDU

A platform to propose creative digital projects to students aged 12-16, with ready-to-share templates, teacher guides and evaluation rubrics


South Pole Teams

A platform that tells the story of the race between the British and Norwegians to be the first to conquer the South Pole, with lessons learned and tools to improve team performance


Name your platform

We help educators and corporate training managers to implement their e-learning strategy with a tailor-made project that includes the creation of teaching resources and a self-managed platform



We are the Amazimakers

Amazimakers is a small EdTech company located in Madrid that designs and produces innovative learning experiences.

At the center of our network structure is instructional designer Ricardo Lobao who is in charge of connecting with the talent anywhere in the world to collaboratively create Amazimakers' fantastic products.

If you are a learning facilitator for your team or community, easily incorporate our products into your offering and receive unanimous congratulations.

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