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Genius Plan EDU enables secondary school teachers and students to think about the best strategies to achieve any goal.


Mystery Walk

Add a little magic to your entertainment offering

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Mystery Walk  is a custom game creation service for clients who manage a venue open to the public such as a park, a museum, a garden or a picturesque place.


The games we produce provide a fantastic entertainment experience for one or more players who compete against each other by solving puzzles and mini-games with their mobile phones and by performing outdoor activities adapted to the characteristics of a place.

Multiply visits and likes with Mystery Walk.

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We are the Amazimakers 

Amazimakers is a learning and entertainment experience creation company based in Madrid that produces and markets the Genius Plan EDU and Mystery Walk products.

Our products are aimed at various groups such as students and teachers looking to connect with the real world, companies that are committed to innovation or families who enjoy culture.

If you are responsible for providing the best content for your community or company, easily incorporate Amazimakers experiences into your offer and receive unanimous congratulations.

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